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hi! i am just wondering if you could find an early drawing of a monarch butterfly for me? i am having no luck. you know like those old entymology diagrams? if you can that would be lovely. if not, i'll understand. i'm getting some ideas for a new tattoo. thanks! — Asked by twirlyourbirdie

Surprisingly little, actually…I did find a few, though, and I have one in my archives.

not a question-just a comment! i am not sure if it's because i am rather tired at the moment, but i giggled a little at your last post regarding amputation and the lack of expression (i.e. sheer terror, pain, etc) on the faces of the amputees. i think i need to go to sleep now. — Asked by twirlyourbirdie

We’re wimps these days when it comes to pain; the only indication to “pain” old medieval and Islamic texts made was to “have the patient avert their eyes”. I’m sure it was just as painful, but they’re still amusing in how they dealt with it…

That’s a medieval nasal polyp surgery…smile for the painter, patient!