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Do you own a lot of books on the subjects you present, or do you do more of your reading online? And do you know of any particularly exceptional books on animal and anatomy, and plant biology, preferably with a lot of illustrations or photographs? — Asked by magnetrolia

I don’t own almost any of the books that I present. I have about 6.7 gigs of medical history texts/images, 10.5 gigs of natural history, and a ton of online sources.

The page is a bit outdated (especially the tumblr list), but I still use a lot of those sources, especially and the Science Museum of London site.

For animal anatomy, it depends what you’re looking for.

I have always been a fan of zoological monographs, like this one detailing monotreme anatomy, but the collections of the Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London also have a lot of anatomical features.

For plants, Curtis’s Botanical probably has what you want.

Seriously though, I can't speak highly enough of Antiquus Morbus.

Anyone looking for help decoding old genealogical records or researching old diseases really ought to check the site out. 

More etymological and disease terminology resources can be found on the bibliography page of Antiquus Morbus.

Sources Page v0.8 up and running

Still under construction, but as I’m going to be busy for good long while and most of the links are there, thought I’d throw it out there. I don’t use every single one of those sources on this specific page, but they’ve all been useful at one time or another while researching historical medicine/science.

So yeah. Go wild. Back later; hope the queue shoots some zoology pics at you today.