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Hey! You spending tonight at home/recovering from a wild party/lollygagging about all day? Here’s something to take a few minutes of your time!

The new layout isn’t up yet, but I have quite a few images on my Flickr photostream already - both natural history and medical.

Check out the Erpétologie générale album. I can never seem to find enough uses for the illustrations over on the blog, but they are fantastic. Frogs and gators and turtles and lizards!

The German orthopedics and the herpetology books aren’t annotated yet, but the references for everything are already loaded.

Don’t have much time right now, but thanks for all the messages (which I’m not ignoring!) and hello to everyone new. That platypus is one of my favorite illustrations ever, so to have everyone else loving it is pretty awesome :D

Hi there everyone! I’m Arallyn!

I love history, and that just so happens to come together with my medical (including veterinary) and biological learning here. 

Quick reminder: this blog is definitely NSFW from time to time- venereal diseases were SERIOUS issues until just recently in human history, so a rogue genital region or five may come along now and then. Of course, that’s assuming you find disfiguring tumors, battlefield wounds, and horrible diseases that killed millions safe for work to begin with. 

I had several posts queued up for today, but they seem to have vaporized, aside from the Civil War battlefield medicine one. The queue works well enough that I can’t pull myself away from it, but not well enough that I should really be using it on posts that I actually put effort into. D: Hopefully I remember that…