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"I’m spending a year dead for tax reasons."

…no, no, I’m kidding. But as you’ve probably noticed, Real Life™ and trying to survive the insane economy has certainly been doing its best keeping me away from the blog. Posts will still be fairly sporadic and un-queued until at least the new year. But I’m not dead yet!

In the mean time, feel free to:

  • Submit requests or questions
  • Check out the archive; I recommend the quackery and Gould tags, myself.
  • Check out my general Victoriana/Edwardian history blog, Cabbaging Cove
  • Look at some of the blogs I recommend, both similar and dissimilar.
  • Donate to the blog (any amount gives me the opportunity to spend more time on the blog and less time working! and, you know, lets me survive Real Life™, to finish my other degree so I can get back to the laboratory and earn a living wage. plus I’ll love you until the law asks me to stop <3)

To be honest, I’m more likely to make posts when I get specific requests that I can fill, as my own inspiration is pretty much languishing in a cobweb-filled corner, despite having a huge amount of potential material. I’ll poke the inspiration-blob once I have less work and start classes again.