Interesting fact: One of the creators of Wonder Woman, William Moulton Marston, also invented the lie detector test. — Asked by lloyfid

He was also polyamorous (living with two women in a “surprisingly harmonious” [as per his biographers] relationship for most of his life), and a fairly strong feminist relatively pro-female figure, at least for his time.

I hate the term “lie detector test” when it comes to polygraphs; they’re not even reliable enough to be used in US courts, and we allow a LOT of questionable science in. But they’re still used for intimidation and coercion by police departments with very little oversight. :\ But yes, he did! And I commend him for recognizing a LOT of the weaknesses of the machine from the get-go, even if he wasn’t actually listened to beyond “this MIGHT help you catch SOME liars!”

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