Do you know anything about forensics? Could you post on it? Specifically forensic bloodwork if you have anything on it! — Asked by Anonymous

Actually, I do know a fair deal about forensic pathology, but nothing that would really go well on this blog. I posted several sets of pathology images/explanations on FYMedicalStuff when I was helping out Mariana, which you can find here: Tagged - Forensics. There are a few postmortem pathology images on this blog, as well.

As for bloodwork, I know jack all about that when it goes past cytology, unfortunately. And it’s actually a relatively new concept to actually investigate the cause of death beyond physical trauma, so I’m not sure I’d have anything even if I were good at the subject.

But! I’m currently reading a really good book that goes pretty darnĀ  deep into forensic chemistry, and the history of medicine aspect of it! It’s called “The Poisoner’s Handbook: Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York" and is by Deborah Blum. I’ll probably write a review-ish post when I finish it up. So far I can definitely say it’s a fascinating book, that’s amazingly engaging for someone who is terrible at chemistry and chemical analysis (like me), yet my chem major friends have liked it, too. :3 So if you’re looking for forensic bloodwork that involves chemical analysis AND the history of medicine, I can definitely recommend it! Sorry I couldn’t be more help - it’s a subject that fascinates me, but which I have very little on, and am quite slow to pick up in general.

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