This time, the lack of posts is for a good reason!

Big things are coming…

Ok, nothing huge, but a large makeover for the layout (don’t worry, it’s still gonna be easy to navigate), and inclusion of an “Ephemeral Scraps” Flickr stream link for all of you who have been looking for more content with less commentary. This blog won’t be posting those pics (I like having my¬† sometimes-pointless commentary here!), but there have been enough requests that I figure it wouldn’t hurt to have a place to upload related sets of images from time to time.

Expect everything to be finished by the New Year. I’m also working on some new scripting for Cabbaging Cove, but that stuff’s a lot simpler.

The only blog that I’ll be reliably updating during the next few days is my personal blog, but this blog’s ask box is always open. There will be periodic “real” posts, too. See you in the new year!

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