Blogs Worth Checking Out - Edition 2: The Unrelated - Last Updated 11/05/11

These are just my personal blogs, and a few non-themed (or very loosely-themed) personal blogs that I find interesting and/or thought-provoking.

Some may be offensive. Actually, I take that back. They’re all probably offensive to the delicate of sensibilities, except perhaps Cabbaging Cove. But people who are easily offended probably don’t take too kindly to this particular blog anyhow, eh?

None of these are very related (at least in subject matter) to this blog, I’ve just had multiple requests for a post like this and have been putting it off for a while. 

My Other Blogs - Photographs, illustrations, advertisements, and other cultural touchstones, from ~1800-1940. - Personal blog. Probably offensive, mostly insipid.

Some Interesting Unthemed Personal Blogs in No Particular Order

Uncategorized Love (non-personal, non-science) - Tumblr with notable daily obituary and information on decedent. Surprisingly interesting. - Everything Middle Ages - 19th Century in America, US Civil War, etc. - I have this problem where I become entranced by lava floes and other amazing geological formations. - Questionable advice from the 18th-early 20th century. - A great costumer posting some very interesting fashions, her own costuming, and excellent accuracy critiques on movie costumery - An odd love of mine. Don’t question it. - Video games by a non-“girl gamer”.

Just a quick note that I don’t necessarily support the views or posts on the blogs listed…sometimes including my own. Ok? Ok. Also some of these people really don’t play well with humans, but that makes them more fascinating. Still, fair warning.

Will update periodically, of course. Message me if you notice any dead links. Thank you!

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