Blogs Worth Checking Out - An Incomplete List, to be Periodically Updated - Last Updated 11/04/11

Reblogging for those who aren’t on tumblr during the work day - added a few blogs I forgot, too.


In no particular order of preference, here are a few other blogs that have material similar to what’s on here, and some that are just plain interesting. Give them a look!

And yeah, some of them fall between all of the categories (or are themed “personal” blogs) - the groupings are just to give you a rough idea what’s there.

Medical Blogs - Follow it! Especially in-depth but non-confusing posts on many medical subjects, particularly good mental health posts. Excellent posts between the informational ones, too. - Similar to FYMS, but generally different content. - Current events in the medical field, interviews with specialists, and interesting informative posts - Can be fairly technical for non-medical people, but seriously…just look at that microphotography! - Formerly diagnostics - Doctor with really innovative ideas and thoughts on the state of medicine in the information era, especially in the United States

Biology and Medical History/Illustration/Ephemera Blogs - Excellent citations and leads to great sources - Mostly medical arts and ephemera - Lovely artistic ephemera - Not updated often, but very interesting view into scientific illustration - Wide variety of content, but lots in the natural history genre - American Museum of Natural History

Assorted Science Blogs - All branches of science, enthusiastic postgrad, sort of crazy commentary sometimes…pretty awesome. - Lots of videos on medical and biological subjects, and other interesting skeptical presentations. - Very biology-intensive, and very interesting, far more devo than med, but for the biology-minded, a must-follow - Tumblog of UK vet student - Biology-based watercolor art - Animals, lots and lots of animals. And then some more animals.

I’ll return to this and update it every now and then. 

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